application top tips

application top tips

You need to be very clear about why you want to become a teacher, the skills involved and what you can bring to the profession. We value candidates who can prove that they understand the educational context in which they wish to train.
We are looking for professionals who have a passion for making a difference for children and who are excited to be working with them and their families. We would like to see applicants who have a deepening understanding of child development and of what inspires and motivates children as learners.

Your UCAS application is your chance to show us that you have the passion and commitment we are looking for.

We require 2 references, one of which will be an academic reference.    For applicants who finished their studies more than 5 years ago, we realise that this may not be the most appropriate.  In such cases, employers or teachers from the school(s) you visited whilst gaining your school experience can be used to provide a reference, as they would be able to comment on your suitability for the teaching profession.

Links to more tips
The UCAS website has a lot of useful information and tips on completing your application.   Find out more here.

They also offer specific advice on writing a great personal statement.


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