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When applying for our support, whether you are a school or a PVI, the process is the same.  You will find all of the forms and information that you need here, however, if there is a question that we haven't answered please get in touch.

1.  Initial request for support
Having chosen FTSA to support your setting (thank you by the way!), please complete an initial request for support.  This form is a basic outline of who you are, the size of your setting, location and what you would like from us - what challenges you have or where you see a need for improvement, perhaps there is something Ofsted has identified that you would like us to help you address.  We will explore this much further at our initial meeting.​​
Download Initial request for support form
2.  Initial meeting and budget setting
At our initial meeting we will explore your needs further.  We look forward to a tour of your setting and hearing about where your team excel and where they need a bit more guidance and the specific challenges you face.  We will discuss who will be involved (from your setting and from the FTSA), and how we will monitor progress and feedback.

At this meeting we will also set the budget for our involvement and discuss possible actions to get the most out of your money.
Download our costing guide
3.  Create an action plan
In collaboration with you we will create an action plan, so that everyone is clear on what will be delivered, the timings and who is responsible.  This will give us an opportunity to spot any gaps that have been missed.

4.  Delivery

From points 1-3, we will have created a bespoke programme of support for your setting that you are happy to move forward with.  This may include one-off visits or multiple sessions, focussing on a specific key stage or challenge such as behaviour or SEN provision.

5.  Monitoring and Evaluation

We will check in with you regularly for a period of... to assess progress and that the steps put in place are working or maybe they need to be adjusted.  At the end of the agreed period, we will send you an evaluation form to complete.  We really appreciate your comments on our support to enable us to continue to provide the very best support in future.

Bespoke and Personal

Just like children, every setting is different; your school/PVI will have its own needs, requirements and challenges and our support is tailored for this very reason, focussed on helping your setting to achieve.  It  can be as short or as long as you require, targeted at a specific stage – EY, KS1, KS2 - or group of children.
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What others say about us

  • ​The support that we have gained has enabled our team to plan effectively and efficiently, whilst making sure that objectives across the curriculum are covered in a progressive way. 
  • The experience enabled us to completely transform our setting including the layout of the environment, the quality of communication and language challenge for children, planning at every stage and enhancing the provision that we already had.
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