forest fusion training

What IS the Forest Fusion Package?
Forest School Leader led programme
  • A flexible package that supports settings & schools to set up a nature based curriculum.
  • A team building experience.
  • The programme aims to facilitate practitioners in maximising child-led learning opportunities in natural surroundings.
  • Forest Fusion enables practitioners & teachers to experience a forest school session from their own perspective to feel the impact upon their own well-being & confidence, to experience risk & challenge, to develop  positive relationships within the team & beyond & to develop a connection & love for nature that transforms practice & teaching.
  • Informs teams how to incorporate nature based learning in meaningful contexts relevant to the National curriculum in creative & innovative style.
  • An experience similar to that a child would experience in a forest school programme – Practitioners should develop a sense of well-being, confidence, freedom, feel motivated to learn, share experiences etc

The full package includes:

Development plan — design/discussion/staff meeting/presentations to parents, governors, & teams/day training for staff team/observation Session & feedback /planning session/observation session at our forest school/consultancy.

The package can be accessed on a bespoke basis where options may be omitted/ increased or tailored to specific need e.g.  Forest School leader takes a session with lead teacher/practitioner for project at setting/school.

What is the Outdoor Provision Practice Pathway?
  • A Learning Through Landscapes Accredited Practitioner supported package offering:
  • Advice on the benefits of outdoor learning.
  • Audit resources & environment with YOU.
  • Site & team visits to YOU.
  • Design bespoke development plans WITH YOU.
  • Provide inspirational training & practice examples as appropriate to YOUR team.
  • Focus on different areas of learning & subjects to improve outcomes in YOUR area/s of need.
  • Advisory Visits via LtL – See -:


Package 1:

  • 1 day inset (up to 20 people)
  • Observation of a forest session in practice (up to 2 people)
  • Support with your setting – Observation in your setting, curriculum planning training, development plan and follow up visit.
  • Visit to our learning lodge
  • Staff meeting
  • Presentation to parents

1 day inset includes-
  • Presentation
  • Tour of the forest
  • Time spent in the forest taking part in forest activities
  • Lunch cooked on the camp fire
  • Feedback session
  • Discussion time with forest leaders

Package 1 - Full Training package (max 20 people) - £800

Package 2

  • Staff meeting & presentation
  • Observation visit in your setting
  • Development plan

Package 2 - Staff meeting & presentation - £250

Package 3

  • Observation of a forest school session in practice Am or PM visit (up to 2 people

Package 3 - Observation of Forest school session (max 2 people) - £60

Additional mentor visits - per 2 hours - £70
All of our packages can be tailored for the individual needs of your school or setting.